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Shop Comfort Diva on TikTok

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend!

This is a short post to let everyone know that I now have a TikTok Shop! And what's even more exciting is that I will be curating items for TikTok that you won't find an exact duplicate of on comfortdiva.com or my Etsy shop comfortdivastore.etsy.com.

I know that TikTok has been in the news with the congressional ban and some people may have already deleted it from their phone. I like the app and I feel comfortable using it. It's a quick way to get a message out about the brand and what we're up to. If you don't follow me now on TikTok, please do at TikTok.com/@comfortdiva. Be sure to check out the luggage tags in the shop -- at 45% off right now, they are a great buy! With summer travel, it's the purrfect purchase to keep track of your bags at the airport.


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