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Meet the
Comfort Diva

I'm Lisa, a marketer, cook, WSET Level 2 wine certified blogger and most importantly - a cat mom! My background includes over 20 years of marketing for world class brands. After my mom died, I became a caregiver to my father with dementia. It was through that experience that I understood how much joy animals bring to not only people who are ill and suffering, but to those who look after them. Caregiving is stressful - and I could write a book on that experience. My bond with my kitties grew very deep during the time I took care of my dad. When they would do something goofy, just that one smile that I gained would change my mood and improve my day.

Comfort Diva is meant to bring joy, happiness and color to your life. We all have something that we are working through. This line is meant to offer that one chuckle or beam of sunshine to make you feel good. If you buy anything from the site, I would love to hear from you. I want to know how you use it and enjoy it and how it brought a smile to your day.

Cheers to happiness!


Chief Diva

Lisa Sheppard Chief Diva
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