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Meow for Comfort & Joy

It's progress not purr-fection.

When I started Comfort Diva, I was caring for my father with dementia. There were times when I felt so alone and isolated and my fur babies were there to remind me that I was not alone. They also brought great joy to my father who couldn't communicate well verbally, but needed the tail wag or the brush up against the leg that the kitties offered. This brand is so much more than just a humorous phrase on a cup or a t-shirt. It's about uplifting the spirit and bringing a smile to your day, which can have a positive affect on your mental health. As the line evolves, it will expand with items that are not cat-related, but still offer the daily chuckle.

I also wanted to bring items for the cat lover that were upscale. As a cat mom, I am always looking for cat-themed items to reinforce my affection. Unfortunately, so many of the products out there are cheaply made or just not that attractive. Comfort Diva will bring products to market for the sophisticated cat lover, who wants to express their love for cats in a unique and upscale way.

This blog features the Diva Chill Wine Tumbler, which is artistic and funny. You may not know that I am also a wine lover and possess a certification in wine knowledge. There is a huge wine scene in the Texas Hill Country with new wineries opening every day. I get inspiration from the culture here, which is about enjoying good food, good wine and good friends.

I feel a connection with everyone who purchases a product from my website or etsy store. Let me know how you like the products and message me with any feedback or positive vibes that they bring to your world.

Lisa Sheppard

Chief Diva


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