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Kitty Comfort

One of the great things about living in Comfort is that it's pet friendly. I have 2 cats that are the absolute loves of my life. The youngest arrived on my doorstep sick and in need of love and care.

Christmas is always a fun time with the cats. They love to explore the Christmas tree.

Meet Latte

“I love my stocking full of treats.”

Latte is a rescue. He appeared on my doorstep on International Cat Day. It's only fitting that he has an international name. I chose Latte because the color of his fur is mocha. He's a beautiful tabby and full of mischief.

Cats are psychic

Both of my cats know which presents are theirs under the tree. Just like a child, they can't wait to unwrap their gifts and tear into their stockings.

The Gift of Comfort and Joy

I used to be more of a dog person. Now I'm a cat momma.”

When I rescued Latte, he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and he was rail thin. He was given multiple medications and suffered an allergic reaction to the first two. It took lots of love and attention from a local vet (and multiple tests) to figure out that he had parasites (specifically giardia). Because he was feral, he didn't trust me or the doctors. It took time for him to accept me as his pet parent and to trust that I wouldn't hurt him. Today he is the most loving cat. He wants nothing more than to be petted and played with.

Don't Give Up On An Animal

One of the many challenges I faced with Latte was integrating him with my other cat. Sadly, she has not accepted him. Rather than throwing in the towel, I began rotating them. They are both used to their routine now and the separation keeps peace in the house. #Cat #Kitten #Christmas #Stocking #Parasites #Love #InternationalCatDay #PetParent #CatMom


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