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Sheppard's Pie

A big mash up of meat, potatoes and vegetables

I needed to make an easy dish that was soft for my dad to eat. As I scoured the web for ideas, Shepherd's Pie popped up. This rendition was a bit of a kitchen sink version, with a Southwestern flare. I gave it my last name and my Texas flare.

I started with a basic mashed potato and ground beef sautéed with onion, garlic, carrot with beef stock, tomato paste, Worstershire and a dash of wine. I added cumin and chili powder for a taste of Texas. I topped it with a Mexican cheese blend and dusted it with breadcrumbs. Then baked it at 350 in the oven for 30 minutes. Some recipes tell you to bake for an hour, but one of the pitfalls with this dish is that it can be very dry if you bake it too long. There's nothing worse than dried out mashed potatoes.

I served it with a red blend. This is a great weeknight meal and it freezes well.


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